Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Tomorrow is Brad's 29th birthday! Yay! Although, he is not the happiest about his last year in his 20's, but it's about how you feel, not the number, right? (That's what I have to keep telling myself after I went through my quarter-century crises)

This week has been a really busy week. We've been watching our friend's dog, Kuma. He is such a sweet dog. If we ever get one (decades) down the road I would love a Golden Retriever. Him and Miles have become great friends. He sure can't pretend the cat is a horse. Sadly, we have to give him back to his owner's today.

We've also been recovering from our cruise and I'm getting ready for our trip to the States. It's right around the corner! Man, I'm just dreading that 11 hour flight to Atlanta. How in the WORLD am I going to keep my 20 month old entertained in a car seat for that long? If any of you have ever done an international flight like that with a toddler then I am all ears! I just found out I have to pick up all my luggage in between Atlanta and Memphis. Man, why did I decided to do this without Brad? I think I was nuts! But, I just keep telling myself it's going to be one really bad day--then a month of fun.
We're thinking about doing a short trip to either Switzerland or Czech Republic next weekend. Both countries border Germany and are a short drive away. Brad happens to have a long weekend and we are all about taking advantage! Hopefully it will work out!
I guess that's about it for now!


Suzi said...
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Letteers-R-Us said...

Happy Birthday Brad!!! ...and what a lovely looking dog! I bet Miles sure did have a fun time with him! You guys sure have been busy. That's awesome! Have fun in the States Katy! I hope Miles sleeps most of the plane ride for ya! :)

Crystal Turner said...

Look how big Miles is getting!! :D You guys sound like you are enjoying living there in Germany!! :D