Wednesday, June 10, 2009

German pregnancy questions

I've had a few friends from home ask me how having a baby here will differ from the States. I got a little pamphlet explaining many of the differences and thought I'd share!

1. Ultrasounds- You receive one every visit whether you are 5 weeks or 40 weeks - yay!  As well as a 'down there' exam. (less enthusiastic yay)

2. Less modesty- While you have to undress for your 'down there' exam they don't give you anything to cover up with and are to be prepared to just lay/sit there naked most of your appointment. I've already been advised by my insurance rep to wear a skirt or bring a towel. (That's ok Brad! You can wait in the waiting room!)

3. A mutterpass- translation is Mother pass or information about mother. You're required to have this on you at all times incase of an accident. The Germans get very upset with you if you forget it at your appointment. It has every piece of information you can imagine! 52 lines to be exact.

4. Hospitals - German women stay at the hospital 5-7 days after vaginal delivery as well as C-sections. Wow, perhaps it's a mini-vacation for them?
   -You also have a roommate your whole stay. You share the recovery room with other moms who just delivered. While your husband can be in the delivery room he has to go home at the end of the night. I'm already jealous that he gets our big bed to himself and gets to sleep through the night the first few nights! 

5. Circumcision - They don't do it to their boys here unless it's for religious purposes. The pamphlet says we'll need to seek out the hospital's plastic surgeon. (Yikes!)

The above is what was given to me by the American doctors. I've heard a few more stories as well from friends who've already delivered here and plan to see if there is any truth to these rumors. My first OB appointment is on Monday and is out in the Germany economy. I'm kind of excited to see the differences. Hopefully they speak a little English or it will be very interesting. My appointment is at 7pm. Isn't that odd? They have strange hours here.


Becki said...

That's so funny how different things are! I would have major issues with the modesty part though...but the ultrasounds at every visit is so exciting!!!

Crystal Turner said... will definitely have to let me know how it all goes, sounds "interesting". :D