Saturday, June 13, 2009

2 weeks!

Only 2 weeks until I go home! I'm so excited that when I wake up to go pee at night I can't go back to sleep! Here are the top 9 things we're looking forward to:

9. Sweet Tea - not for me! Brad has been drooling over Mcalister's sweet tea since April. 

8. 4th of July. There's nothing like spending the most patriotic holiday in your own country! Bring on the firecrackers!

7. For Miles to meet his Grandpa and Grandma Lowe. They still haven't met him yet and I'm really excited for them to meet this summer. Brad's dad has Alzheimer's and it will be a special moment to remember for us.

6. The heat. Call me crazy but it's a week away from summer and we can't seem to make it to the 80's or even the 70's sometimes. I want to be HOT and then wonder why in the world I wished I was hot and long for Germany weather again.

5. Eating at Olive Garden! I'm going to order chicken con broccoli and eat their huge famous salad and breadsticks!

4. Going to the mall and Target! American sizes and everything is in dollars! Way cheaper than the Euro. Oh and let's not forget the food court with the English menus!

3. Miles meeting and hanging with his cousins. He's finally at that age where he can really interact and play.

2. My brother and sister in law's pool. Shall I say anything else?

1. Michigan! This one is so huge it should be #1 twice! My oldest best friend is coming to see me. I can't wait to walk to the wishing well every day, go swimming in Lake Michigan and Bass Lake, go sailing, feed the swans, bird watch, read some books, hang out with my family (all 38 people that is presumed to be there this year), walks on the beach, bonfires, volleyball. Oh the list goes on forever!

What I am NOT looking forward to:


The Letteer Family said...

AMEN to what you said about the flight! Michigan sounds like a whole lot of fun!!!