Saturday, September 26, 2009


We helped my friend throw a surprise Disco birthday party for her husband's 30th birthday this weekend. Brad won best dressed male. We tried to order some Afros but we couldn't figure the German website out. Wouldn't that have been perfect?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Fest

We went up to Ludwigsburg this weekend to check out the annual pumpkin festival. We were in for a pumpkin surprise. It was so neat! There were over 500,000 pumpkins on sight and 450 different varieties. I didn't see any pumpkin pie though! Is that an American thing? Here's a pumpkin house.

Cinderella and her Prince in pumpkin form.
Hansel and Gretal? I forgot what this one was.
My new favorite picture of Brad and Miles.
Schloss Ludwigsburg. Beautiful castle surrounded by gardens.
Miles showing off the pumpkin he picked out.
Some of the pumpkins on display
This says 10 years of pumpkins written in pumpkins of course!

Gulliver in pumpkin form tied down by pumpkin Lilliputians.
Miles having a hay day!
Can't play with hay without the hay fight.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poll: Help me pick a costume!

They are just too darn cute. I imagine this is one of the last years I get to pick Miles costume out and I just can't get enough of Tom Arma's adorable costumes.

They have them all in Miles size and it can take up to 6 weeks to get here so I'm ready Freddy. There is a poll to the right. Let me know your favorite!

Hanging around...

These past couple months have just been so quiet. We ended up postponing a lot of our traveling because of birthday parties, costs and other events. We were all set for Spain but with the blind flight we had to find a hotel at the last minute and it was impossible! It was ridiculously expensive over Labor Day weekend so we'll have to save that trip for a non-tourist season. We still have our Venice trip in January though and I'm sure we'll do some fun day trips before then.

Brad starts his new job in 2 weeks. I guess you can say we're less than thrilled. We're going to try and make the best of it though. It's just not a very family friendly job and is usually reserved for single guys for that reason. Since 'Africom' is so new they are short staffed. I know Brad and I will be fine but my worries are with Miles and not seeing his Daddy for 4-5 day blocks. I guess kids can adjust to these things better than we do though. It is only for 1 year so we will get through!

I can't believe Miles is almost 2! Where in the world did the time go? He's a little boy now! Here are some pics and video from around the house.

Daddy makes sure Miles practices football. I think someone wants his little boy to be a quarterback.

Miles pushes SpongeBob everywhere in this stroller. I've tripped over this thing in the middle of the night so many times!
Miles helping Daddy with putting together a shelf. See Miles' little tool set? Too cute.
Here's a video from last week. Smart little boy!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall has fallen

Brrrr! Early September and in the 50's already? No thank you! But that's Germany for you I guess. I think we found the longest slide in the world this afternoon. It just keeps going and going. The crazy part about it is we saw kids take a handful or rocks to the top and you slide with the rocks. It makes you go super fast. Poor Miles had to scooch the whole way.

I wish this picture was bigger but the background is over looking the city.
There's also a vineyard back there? See it? No? Ah well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Would you believe me if I told you he was good with his fork? This was lasagna.

Miles got a new tricycle this weekend. He brings it EVERYWHERE with him. He watches his favorite TV shows with it, takes it on walks and even brings it to the bath with him.