Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hanging around...

These past couple months have just been so quiet. We ended up postponing a lot of our traveling because of birthday parties, costs and other events. We were all set for Spain but with the blind flight we had to find a hotel at the last minute and it was impossible! It was ridiculously expensive over Labor Day weekend so we'll have to save that trip for a non-tourist season. We still have our Venice trip in January though and I'm sure we'll do some fun day trips before then.

Brad starts his new job in 2 weeks. I guess you can say we're less than thrilled. We're going to try and make the best of it though. It's just not a very family friendly job and is usually reserved for single guys for that reason. Since 'Africom' is so new they are short staffed. I know Brad and I will be fine but my worries are with Miles and not seeing his Daddy for 4-5 day blocks. I guess kids can adjust to these things better than we do though. It is only for 1 year so we will get through!

I can't believe Miles is almost 2! Where in the world did the time go? He's a little boy now! Here are some pics and video from around the house.

Daddy makes sure Miles practices football. I think someone wants his little boy to be a quarterback.

Miles pushes SpongeBob everywhere in this stroller. I've tripped over this thing in the middle of the night so many times!
Miles helping Daddy with putting together a shelf. See Miles' little tool set? Too cute.
Here's a video from last week. Smart little boy!