Saturday, January 30, 2010


You know you are going insane from winter when you start entertaining a trip to Zanzibar. Where is Zanzibar you ask? It is a small island off the coast of Tanzania. It is 90 degrees, sunny and has crystal white beaches. Sun! Heat! Beaches!... do they still exist??
It's actually one of the countries Brad has had to watch over while working for AFRICOM. As some of you know, the reason we're here in Europe is to support Africa! His job has nothing to do with any European countries, yet we live here in Germany to be closer to the continent.
Anyway... it didn't take much for Brad to convince me that, while it would be sunny, beachy, and wonderful, we would have to get malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, and Hep A shots, endure a 10 hour flight, and could not under any circumstances drink the water or even brush our teeth with water. Ummm.... ok so looks like my dream of a quick fix summer was shot down.
So please hurry up Spring!

Friday, January 29, 2010

5 years ago...

We got a new scanner just in time! Here are some fun wedding pics from 5 years ago (today!)
We were married in Lynchburg, VA. There was an ice storm that day, although Brad and I are laughing at that now because it was nothing compared to here!
We honeymooned on a cruise to the Caribbean. Can't believe that was 5 years ago! Wow.
The pics are in no particular order.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Venice - Part 3

Attack of the Pigeons

So we were in San Marco's Square one afternoon and Miles asked for a snack. I pulled my backpack around and started to fumble around and ALL OF A SUDDEN Pigeons were landing on me left and right. It was straight out of Hitch-cock's Bird movie. It was all over once I finally managed to get Miles snack out. Here are some video and pictures. :)

Venice - Part 2

Gondola Ride

So, let's face it. You can't go all the way to Venice and not ride the famous gondolas. It was SO relaxing and really neat to see the back alleys from the water. We did not realize they were 80 Euros a pop (eek!). But we went anyway and it was well worth every penny!
This was our gondola (the one on the right)

Here are some views from the boat:

Here is a video from our ride. Enjoy!

Venice trip- Part 1

So we're back from Venezia and had a fantastic time. You really can not go wrong going to Italy. Full of beauty and history! The Italians are a friendly, happy people who love to make you happy. Pictures really don't give Venice much idea of how beautiful the city really is so I did take a couple videos. Enjoy!

On top of Venice's Rialto Bridge which sits over the Grand Canal.

This is the balcony in our apartment. Boats had to honk when taking that corner. (fun stuff start at 6am :) )
Some buildings off the Grand Canal. It truly is a city built on water. Not a single car there!

Here is a view of the Rialto Bridge from our water taxi.

This is San Marcos Square. Lots of famous things have happened here but I can't remember what (Ah! How bad is that?) I'll have to ask Brad and update this later. :)

This is the dock inside our apartment. How cool is that?

Here is where you wait for your "water taxi." It basically runs the same as the European train system.

Here is our "Big Fat make-shift Italian family" that we went with. Fun group!

Yum! I won't lie. We ate a pastry every single morning.

Video leaving our apartment

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And we're off!

We are headed to Italy this morning! It should be interesting getting there. Normally Brad and I will pay the extra dollar and travel the most convenient route. But our friend found us some great deals (150 Euros total for the 3 of us to fly!) which requires a lot of extra legs!

We're driving to Frankfurt, Germany this morning, catching a hopper plane to an airport near Venice, driving as far as we can possibly go by car, then catching a "water taxi" to our hotel.

I would have to say I am most looking forward to the food. I plan to big sick of pasta by the time we leave. :)

We're supposed to be out the door in an hour, Brad is not even packed, Miles and I are not dressed, and my hair is in a towel. I can't even tell you why I am sitting here on the computer! Ciao!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


So we got some serious snow yesterday. We couldn't even get our car out this morning. It involved a lot of sliding, tires spinning and finally just getting stuck. Poor Felix-Dahn Strasse was neglected when it came to Mr. Plow. FINALLY we managed to get the car out and enjoyed some family sledding this afternoon.

This hill was impossible to climb up. You seriously needed one of those snow picks that climbers have. Impossible!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 recap

2009 was probably the best year of my life. What a way to end the decade! Brad and I finally had lived together for over a year and had the opportunity to work out the kinks and nooks in our marriage like most people do in the first year, we had finally adjusted to living in Germany, made some super great friends, got back into school, traveled to 9 other countries, but also had the opportunity to go home for a month. I look back and all I see are great memories. I am truly looking forward to 2010!

Here is a breakdown of our year month-by-month. Hope you're ready for a super long post!

We started the year off with a bang and went on the cruise of a lifetime! We knocked out 6 countries in one trip. I will never ever forget this experience.

FEBRUARY- Brad wanted to go to Paris. I said "How cool would it be to go to Paris for Valentines Day?!" So we went!
Miles also took his very first steps!

MARCH- My mom came out to visit. We started school and also joined a bowling league!

APRIL- Still in school and that means a busy month but I can wear flip flops again! Everyone is still in jackets and hoodies but I don't care. 50 degrees = FLIP FLOPS!

MAY- Cruise #2 and we go to Ireland and England! Jolly great!

SUMMER (June/July)- We go HOME to the STATES! Memphis, TN and Pentwater, MI.

AUGUST- We enjoy the rest of summer here in Germany!

SEPTEMBER- We enjoy all the German fests such as Ludwigsburg's Pumpkinfest, Oktoberfest and the Weindorf!

OCTOBER- Miles turns 2 and we celebrate Halloween monkey style!

NOVEMBER- Fall is here! Ladies Thai night and my Mom comes to visits again just in time for Thanksgiving!

DECEMBER- Love Love LOVE the European Christmas markets! We take a trip to Edelweiss and get lost in Austria on the way! Take my mom to see Dachau concentration camp, and finally, Christmas!

That was our year in a nutshell! We have so much to look forward to already in 2010!
We are kicking the year off with a trip to Venice, Italy in less than 2 weeks. The day we return both Brad and I start school again. Philosophy...yuck! Brad is taking an additional class along side with that. Wish us luck!
Hope everyone had a great New Years and has enjoyed the first 2 days of '10.
By the way... how do we refer to this year now? Last year we said "oh-nine." I keeping calling it "oh-ten" but that's not right. Hmm...