Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Venice trip- Part 1

So we're back from Venezia and had a fantastic time. You really can not go wrong going to Italy. Full of beauty and history! The Italians are a friendly, happy people who love to make you happy. Pictures really don't give Venice much idea of how beautiful the city really is so I did take a couple videos. Enjoy!

On top of Venice's Rialto Bridge which sits over the Grand Canal.

This is the balcony in our apartment. Boats had to honk when taking that corner. (fun stuff start at 6am :) )
Some buildings off the Grand Canal. It truly is a city built on water. Not a single car there!

Here is a view of the Rialto Bridge from our water taxi.

This is San Marcos Square. Lots of famous things have happened here but I can't remember what (Ah! How bad is that?) I'll have to ask Brad and update this later. :)

This is the dock inside our apartment. How cool is that?

Here is where you wait for your "water taxi." It basically runs the same as the European train system.

Here is our "Big Fat make-shift Italian family" that we went with. Fun group!

Yum! I won't lie. We ate a pastry every single morning.

Video leaving our apartment