Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 recap

2009 was probably the best year of my life. What a way to end the decade! Brad and I finally had lived together for over a year and had the opportunity to work out the kinks and nooks in our marriage like most people do in the first year, we had finally adjusted to living in Germany, made some super great friends, got back into school, traveled to 9 other countries, but also had the opportunity to go home for a month. I look back and all I see are great memories. I am truly looking forward to 2010!

Here is a breakdown of our year month-by-month. Hope you're ready for a super long post!

We started the year off with a bang and went on the cruise of a lifetime! We knocked out 6 countries in one trip. I will never ever forget this experience.

FEBRUARY- Brad wanted to go to Paris. I said "How cool would it be to go to Paris for Valentines Day?!" So we went!
Miles also took his very first steps!

MARCH- My mom came out to visit. We started school and also joined a bowling league!

APRIL- Still in school and that means a busy month but I can wear flip flops again! Everyone is still in jackets and hoodies but I don't care. 50 degrees = FLIP FLOPS!

MAY- Cruise #2 and we go to Ireland and England! Jolly great!

SUMMER (June/July)- We go HOME to the STATES! Memphis, TN and Pentwater, MI.

AUGUST- We enjoy the rest of summer here in Germany!

SEPTEMBER- We enjoy all the German fests such as Ludwigsburg's Pumpkinfest, Oktoberfest and the Weindorf!

OCTOBER- Miles turns 2 and we celebrate Halloween monkey style!

NOVEMBER- Fall is here! Ladies Thai night and my Mom comes to visits again just in time for Thanksgiving!

DECEMBER- Love Love LOVE the European Christmas markets! We take a trip to Edelweiss and get lost in Austria on the way! Take my mom to see Dachau concentration camp, and finally, Christmas!

That was our year in a nutshell! We have so much to look forward to already in 2010!
We are kicking the year off with a trip to Venice, Italy in less than 2 weeks. The day we return both Brad and I start school again. Philosophy...yuck! Brad is taking an additional class along side with that. Wish us luck!
Hope everyone had a great New Years and has enjoyed the first 2 days of '10.
By the way... how do we refer to this year now? Last year we said "oh-nine." I keeping calling it "oh-ten" but that's not right. Hmm...


Suzi said...

Love the recap!!!!! You are so blessed to have done that you've done for your age. What memories you will carry through out your life time.

Jessica said...

Aww! I love it! I always enjoy reading your blog so I know what's going on in ya's lives! 09 was an exciting year for you guys! I miss you lots and keep the blogs coming!

Paula Kathlyn said...

Great year :) And I am glad you like that Chili- Seth and I make it every other week and eat on it for a couple of days! So- Miles didn't walk by 1 year huh? I don't think Caleb will be walking anytime soon either, it is nice to know that he is still normal if he waits a while. Everyone makes me feel like he should already be walking and he just got crawling mastered!!!

Amy Roberts said...

Wow! You guys had a wonderful 2009! I hope that 2010 is just as memorable for you all!

The Letteer Family said...

How awesome! You HAVE made a lot of great memories! Have fun in Venice!! I know you will! :)