Friday, January 9, 2009


So today we visited Ephesus, Turkey. It was a weird experience for me. I really enjoy all the new countries but this particular country had a very strong Muslim presence and it was and odd feeling being in a country that borders Iraq.  I am sure most of you are aware that there is SO much Biblical history here, hence Ephesians! We got to explore the ruins of the city of Ephesus. We were able to see how the city was laid out and how they used live their lives.
An interesting fact we learned about the men of the city was every year the city would hold an auction and the men that were the highest bidders purchased a "city toilet." The were required to use it twice a day or they would lose their toilet! It was the strangest thing because there was 30 toilets in a row. I guess all inhibitions went out the window. I did get a picture of this and will post later.
We also visited the old amphitheater where Paul preached the Gospel! Brad and I went and stood where he had once stood and looked out into the what would have been the audience. Amazing feeling.  I also snapped a photo of that too.

Another interesting fact we learned was every morning the leader of the city would order 100 cows to be butchered everyday and pass out the meat to the citizens. But, you had to proclaim Caesar 'King of King and Lord of Lords'. So, the Christians denied and never got the meat. So much history here! It was just amazing!

Signing off now. Next stop is on Sunday and we'll be seeing Egypt! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Brad (Miles) and I standing in front of ruins in Ephesus.


Rachel Baker said...

I hope you got your Mom a Paul keychain or something from Ephesus. :)

Anonymous said...

So incredible! We're all enjoying your updates! Emma especially enjoys the pictures too, the history buff that she is... :0)

Suzi said...

Memories of a life time!! Love the pics...can't help wondering what Miles thinks of being in a back pack everyday ha ha
Hey where's my Paul key chain?