Thursday, January 22, 2009


Guess what? Both Brad and I are officially students at Liberty University again! We had been discussing this since we were married and it only took 4 years and a transatlantic move to get the ball rolling. We were the classical meet halfway through college, fall in love, so distracted I can't think, drop out case.
We both only have about 2 more years to go until we get our bachelors, although at the pace we are starting out at it may take longer! I know I am excited now but I can guarantee this will wear off shortly!

Brad's school right now is free (thank you Marine Corps) but mine is at $750 a class! Whew! Anyone have any secrets on grants other than Fasfa? My scholarship from LCA doesn't apply to the online courses! We are torn because we are aware there are cheaper, non-private schools but I have a lot of Bible classes that won't transfer, not to mention I don't want to deal with the transfers while in Germany. I'll stop rambling but if any of you are knowledgeable on this subject, please e-mail!


Letteers-R-Us said...

That's so awesome you're going to be a student again...that is awesome, right? :) I want to start school up again while I'm here as well. Aaron will be starting his in about a week or two. Good luck! Sorry, I don't know about any grants or anything! Man, that's expensive! Good luck!

4 on the go said...

Thats great news for you guys. No stopping you now.
i have to admit the states schooling system is expensive, i miss home now lol.
good luck to you guys.x.x

Christina said...

I'm in grad school at a public university and it's $2,000 per class. I went to a private christian school for undergrad and it was $2,300 per class. I can't believe Liberty is so affordable (well, comparatively anyway!). I'm using FAFSA loans, and any money my husband and I can fork over. The only thing I can think to suggest is that you look for scholarships. I know in the Army there is a way for officers to share their G.I. Bill with their spouses. I wonder if Brad could do something similar? Good luck! It's worth it either way. You may incur some debt, but it will pay off in the end.

James, Britt, & Kali said...

Hey- the new gi bill might be transferable starting end of this summer, and the way I understand it he can transfer unused portions to you, so maybe 2 years to you, 2 to him?!?!? Dunno if it will work but it might be worth looking into! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm really proud of both of you and excited for you. You won't regret down the road all the effort, time and money.