Saturday, January 3, 2009

And we're off!

Well the time has come! We are leaving tomorrow for our cruise! We are so nervous and excited. Excited about the cruise...nervous about Miles, forgetting things, etc. Some of the shore excursions are over 13 hours long and we've never not laid him down for a nap. Was that a double negative?
But what can you do? We didn't move to Europe to sit in our apartment!

We are also dropping our cats off with strangers this evening. EEk! I really hope that goes smoothly as our one cat, Tom, just scratched a little girl in the face a couple weeks ago. We found these people through a military yard sale sight. I put up an advertisement for a "pet sitter" and got quite a few bites. This one particular lady offered to watch them at her place. She has 3 kids and 2 other cats. I'm sure all will be fine but the situation just makes me a little nervous seeing the nature of cats.

I also wanted to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday! It's not til January 7th but we won't be here so Happy Birthday Mom!

Hope everyone has a good couple weeks! I'll be back to blogging Jan 16thish.


Suzi said...

Thank you hon, love you and miss you!