Thursday, January 8, 2009


Geia sou (hell0) from Greece!

Today we drove from the Port of Piraeus to Athens and got to see some spectacular views. We spent most of our time at the Acropolis taking in the sites of the Parthenon, temple of Nike, Erechtheion, the Olympic stadium from the first modern Olympic games and a bunch of other things I can't pronounce or remember the names of! (Will put a blog of all the other things after trip.) It was really neat to see all these ancient things. Our tour guide was even telling us how Paul had preached there. It was so cool to be standing where he once stood.
I wasn't as impressed with the city of Athens. Lots of graffiti and just kind of dirty. I do hear it is nicer in the Greek Isles though. The drivers are INSANE there! They actually have an interesting traffic system. You are only allowed to drive every other day. So if your license plate ends in an odd number, you can only drive on odd dates! Vise versa with even plates/even dates. Isn't that funny? I saw a traffic cop giving out tickets to all the odd plates today. Haha!
We went out to eat at a Greek restaurant and they try to over load you with wine! They were shocked when we declined. Here it is taboo not to have wine with your meal!
That's it for now. We are off to Ephesus, Turkey tomorrow!

Brad, Miles and I next to the Parthenon. 


Suzi said...

Love it! Love it! Love It!

Letteers-R-Us said...

COOL! Crazy stuff!

Rachel Baker said...

Awesome...keep the updates coming!!! You guys will be SO glad you took this trip!

Anonymous said...

You will always remember these days! Thanks for sharing.