Friday, January 30, 2009

Some favorite memories

So, I am supposed to share some of my favorite memories from my photo album and then tag a few people to do the same. It's actually kind of fun! So here goes:

This is my sister-n-law Rachel and I back when we used to run together. I miss these days so much! We ran just about every other day and then would run a race once a month. Brad was deployed at the time and she really helped me pass the time with running. By the way, she looks nothing like this picture anymore! She is a skinny-mini!

This of course is the first time I held Miles. What an emotional moment! After all that pushing I had forgotten a baby came out! Then they handed him to me. He was so perfect! :)

This is the first time Brad held Miles. He was sent home a few weeks early from Iraq and immediately hopped on a plane to Memphis. We picked him up and here he is meeting his son for the first time! Miles was a little over 2 months old.

Michigan is my all-time favorite place in the world! This is my parents lake house and we've been going here every year since I was a baby. Now Brad and Miles have joined in on this Baker tradition. It is the most peaceful place you could imagine. This is taken from the outlet. I am so excited for this summer!

Ok Ok , I know. We just got back from this place, but if you ever get a chance to go see the Pyramids, GO! It was just the most amazing site ever! Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids!

So, let's get this tagging part overwith. I just picked the first 3 on my blog list and it's:
Rachel Baker
Brittany Blake
Becki Grandstaff


Rachel Baker said...

Love this post, but it does look like I am pregnant in that picture! I will be working on my selections...:)

Suzi said...

Sweet!! Can't wait to read and see what "your picks" have to say.