Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tis the season for....tights

Yes, they are for Miles! But before you think I'm crazy you must know it's a common thing for Germans to put their boys in tights.
I found this out last weekend when I went to the mall with a girlfriend. She has her little boy in a German kindergarten and was telling me how all the little boys will strip down and run around in their tights if it gets too warm inside.
So at the mall we went to a children's store and sure enough they had a whole wall of tights for boys. They had ones with dinosaurs, cars, monsters, dogs, or just boyish colors. So I picked up a couple pairs to give it a try. Last winter Miles lived in his pajama pants. I put them under his clothes everywhere we went and still worried about him being warm enough. Not with these tights!
By the way- Yes Brad freaked out. But after having a freezing day like today and seeing Miles in his new tights he said, "Well I guess they are practical...and maybe a little cute."
I guess the real question is...can I bring them back to the States with me? I don't think so...

See, you'd never know.... Mom can rest assured knowing he's warm underneath!


The Letteer Family said...

That's awesome! Maybe I'll have to look into that. :) I'm not so sure I'd take them to the States with me either though. :)

Paula Kathlyn said...

You crack me up. You can better believe that Caleb would have him some dino tights on if we were over there!!! The stiped ones are really cute too :)

Becki said...

I think they're awesome! If it was that cold here, Brogan would surely be sporting them! I love the dinosaurs! :)

Rachel Baker said...

Now you know I love the tights. So cute. And surely less bulky than pajama pants under everything.