Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A break in the weather

Don't you love when Winter has come, you're freezing and already missing the warmer days and then Fall manages to stop by one last time to say bye? That's today! And hopefully the next couple days!
It has been SO cold. Infact I hear conversations everywhere how we had no Fall. It went from 65 degrees to 20-30 degree weather overnight and hasn't looked back. The other day I went to check my mail and it snowed on me!
But the weather forecast says 50 degrees the next couple days and you can bet we are all over that like white on rice!

My friend and I spent the entire morning at Killesberg Park this morning. Of course the weather hadn't warmed up yet that early but gosh it was nice to not have that bitter bitter cold nipping at every body part.

Miles way too into the ducks to pose for a photo. Those ducks were not scared of humans. In fact I think they were following us around the park at one point.

These ducks were SO ugly they were cute.

There is a funny story behind this picture. I put the camera on a self-timer on the see-saw (see above pic) when I pushed the start button I didn't realize I hit it so hard and the whole see-saw was going all the way up-all the way down. We figured it was either going to get a pic of the trees or our feet. So funny it landed right on us.


Rachel Baker said...

Remember when you lived in Florida? Winter there was around 70 degrees, right? Oh well...looks like Miles has nice selection of winter clothing to wear. He looks too cute in that red coat!