Thursday, July 3, 2008

1 week down

Well we've officially lived in Germany for 1 week now. I wish I had some pictures of some  amazing castles or the black forest but this first week has been all checking in and mostly being at the base. 
This is the path we walk everyday to Kelley barracks. (Joint command base). It's about a mile walk from the hotel. Doesn't look too different huh? The fence on the left is the American base.
Here's the bus stop. Public transportation is huge here. Lots of buses and trains. I think we screamed tourist to the people waiting for the bus when I took the pic.

I thought this was funny with all the bikes. This is the Mercedes headquarters. I should have taken a pic of the giant Mercedes emblem spinning around.  I figured they'd all be driving Mercedes!
I love these smart cars! I've seen a few back home but they are everywhere here! They are so cute I could just put them in my pocket and take it home!

Hopefully we'll venture out a little more this weekend. I just found out today that there will be fireworks on the base for the 4th! Wonder what the Germans think of that?


Rachel Baker said...

Thank you so much for blogging all of this! I'm so curious about yall's daily life over there...these pictures seem so "normal!" Looking forward to reading about all of your daily adventures.

Donna Gaudet said...

Sharing with you your first experiences is wonderful. I too was amazed at everything when I was there many years ago. The travel really does expand your horizons, and I know you will begin to experience some normal life once you get your personal items and car!
Miles is an awesome child and he always looks happy! Must run in the family(s).