Sunday, June 29, 2008

We're here!

We are here in Germany at last! I am so glad the trip is over! No more worries or stress!
I must say it was the longest trip EVER! I thought it was never going to end. It was a rough plane ride. But then again, who ever has a smooth international plane ride? I think we all get no sleep, numb rears, and a serious case of jet lag.
Miles did great though! He was back on a normal schedule the next day. Brad and I are still struggling with going to bed at what used to be 2pm. 

Some interesting things we have discovered so far are:
-It takes 30 minutes to microwave macaroni
-The Germans generally don't have more than 1 child
-They all have dogs instead and they bring their dogs everywhere you can imagine
-Not kid friendly. No changing tables, high chairs, ramps for strollers
-You have to pay 30 Euro cents to go to the bathroom (an awkward experience)
-No ice in your drinks
-Everything is much smaller such as TV's, cars, beds, roads, refrigerators. (They haven't caught on to the bigger is better in America)
 -Gas is 1.50 Euro a liter which translates to $8.00 a gallon! No thanks!
-and finally, this is a bit obvious but ALL THE CARS ARE GERMAN! (At least here in Stuttgart) In America we are used to so much variety but here it's BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or VW! Anything else is rare.

Will close with this:
Every day either Brad or I ask what we call "the stupid question of the day. With everything being so new sometimes you just don't think. Today's "stupid question of the day" is...
"Do they still go by minutes/hours here?" and this was referring to microwaving of mac and cheese.


Leslie Miller said...

Thank you for your blog. I thought it was very interesting. Glad you guys are getting settled. I'd be scared to death. I am so nervous that Nates next orders will be over seas. I'm not ready for that. Man we would be out of place I guess with two kids :-). I hope the jet lag ends soon!