Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello! Again...

Well, it's a been a while. Now that we are moving to Germany in 3 weeks I've decided to be more dedicated and keep this thing active and updated. 

Oh yah, did I mention we are moving to Germany in 3weeks? Our orders got bumped up, WAY up. So we are sad that we won't be going to MI while the family is up there. We were really looking forward to that. Oh well, always next year I guess.

Besides our big move approaching, the last couple months have been pretty quiet. Miles can sit up now, upgraded to the "big" bathtub, and he got his first little tooth! I don't know why but it is so sad to me that he has a tooth! Maybe I secretly wanted him to have his baby gummy smile forever. I wish I could take him to never-never land and let him be my baby forever!

We have been in the process of selling all of our major equipment that we can't use in Germany partially due to the Euro/American outlets. So far we have sold our treadmill (I got to use that a whopping 2 weeks), washer and dryer, and computer. We are still trying to sell our Jeep but time is running short...very short. 

Brad's birthday is this Thursday. He LOVES the show 'The Office' so if you follow the show you will get a chuckle out of these gifts. We got him a "World's Best Boss" coffee mug, "Shrute Farms Beets" t-shirt, and "That's what she said" t-shirt.  I'm sure he'll be tickled. 

That's about it for now!