Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Train rides

We've started venturing off base and taking the train into town. Today was our second time trying this. I wish I could have taken pics from the last time when we went to downtown Stuttgart. It's an amazing city.
Today we just did a little house shopping. We found a place that we love. It's actually right in front of the train station. Its interesting how these trains run from neighborhoods to cities. You would never need a car here! I noticed many people carried their bikes on the train too. I can see the dollar signs that we'll save in gas already!
On another note... I have no clue how these trains work and if it wasn't for Brad I would be completely lost. He can look at a map and within 10 seconds knows where we are and where we are going...English or not!  So jealous! 
Waiting for the first train. Notice everyone is in a jacket. It was 50 degrees that day IN JULY!
Here it is! You only have 15 seconds to get on board. They are QUICK! Notice nobody is driving the train.
In between trains, Brad takes a quick peek to find out which platform we stand at. We have to hurry because they arrive every 5 minutes.
This is the city we'll be living in. (Hopefully) LOVE it! All the ground stores are little mom and pop shops.