Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hohenzollern Castle

This weekend we went to see the Hohenzollern castle. It was absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe my eyes as the castle came into view. While we were walking through I couldn't help but imagine what it must have been like back then. The tour we took was in German so we had to follow along with a little book written in English. It was a bit difficult because Miles was excited over all the shiny things and was squealing with delight. Brad and I were having to trade him back and forth because they didn't allow strollers. We did get to wear special shoes to protect the original floors!
 Apparently, this castle has been destroyed twice and was finally restored in the 1800's. In the castle they had an original letter from George Washington thanking the King! If you want to know more info about the castle, click here:

These steps were AWFUL! We had to climb to the very top like this. Poor Brad was carrying the stroller up and I was carrying Miles. We had to take frequent breaks. All the other people with kids had those backpack things. Needless to say we ordered one last night!

This is the courtyard.

The drawbridge. It was so neat to see this. Behind the drawbridge there are 3 sets of huge steel doors and the one more right before you enter the castle.
Standing at the top. I wish I could upload more pictures. With this whole "1 bar internet" thing it just takes too long. I don't think pictures could describe the magnificence of this castle anyway! You must all come to Germany and visit and we will take you! :)