Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer is here.

Happy first day of summer! I'm always a bit sad on June 21st because it means from now on the days will be getting shorter. I never cared about this sort of thing until moving to Germany. But, I definitely wouldn't want to the days to keep getting longer! The sun already doesn't set until 9:30 which means it's not completely dark until well after 10pm.

While Brad's been at work, Miles and some friends and I have been doing a lot of pool. INDOOR pool. Saturday and Sunday were in the 50's. Freezing! It's funny because my parents are in Michigan right now to escape the Memphis heat. But, when Brad and I visit this summer, we're secretly hoping for some heat!

Now that summer is here and in full force. Here are some of the things we're looking forward to this season:
8. The 4th of July - we're always up for a party and the military is doing a HUGE celebration here in a couple weeks! We're going to let Miles stay up this year to watch the firecrackers. I can't wait to see his little face.

7. Finishing the last of my 'juice books" before school starts back up again.

6. Brad says, "Playing all the Modern Warfare 2' I can stand... when you leave for the States of course".

5. Seeing my parents...again. I love the little relationship Miles is starting to build with Pock and Grandma. Also, round #2 of babysitting.

4. Being in the USA! Gosh, I miss this place. Like last year, we'll be hitting up malls, Olive Garden, all that good stuff.

3. Seeing Jack (Brad's dad). He STILL has not met Miles yet. This is our top priority this year and is so so important to us. He has Alzheimer's and is just not doing well anymore. Also, depending on how things work out we might get to see Donna (Brad's mom).

2. Lots and lots of beach/boats/lakes/sunscreen/volleyball/cards. Everything that makes Michigan what it is. Every year that Miles gets older I feel the more he'll enjoy and understand. Michigan is like HOME to me because of how much I've moved as a kid and adult. It looks like Miles is unfortunately taking the same path due to the military lifestyle. But I take so much comfort in MI and its familiarity because it has always been a constant for me from a baby to adult. Hopefully it can be a place of home for Miles too! We get to enjoy it for 6 whole weeks this year!

1. Finally, I might, just MIGHT get to see my oldest best friends, Jessica and Angela! If so, it will be just like old times. Us girls and no guys! We're currently researching plane tickets. We'll see! It's going to be a very full year at the lake!