Thursday, June 10, 2010


Whoops. I forgot to share the best part of the trip on here. Time on the boat! Let me just say I LOVE cruising, almost as much as I love bingo. It's worth every penny to have every meal cooked, beds made, entertainment every night, FREE childcare. I am a big fan. I still can't believe we somehow convinced 2/3rds of my family to fly to Europe and cruise around. This is the same man (my Dad) who has been caught recycling papertowels by hanging them up to dry. Anyway, here are some of my favorite moments!

Ah, formal night. Would have been perfect if childcare hadn't called me to come pick up my crying (yet not crying) child.
The pool was great if you could get over the salt water! My 'intel specialist' husband spent much time arguing with me that you can indeed open your eyes in salt water. Boy was he wrong after I told him to prove it! :)

Slots were a great 5 minute joy ride. Better make sure your fingers are in shape! Rachel made it to the finals, but lost.

Great pic of Rachel and Adam.
I WON BINGO! I finally won their stinkin' bingo after sailing this ship 3 times! It was sooo my turn to win. My niece LB was giving me some stiff competition though. I am going to do GREAT in an old lady home with my cats and my Bingo.
Before I forget, I just have to wish my hubby Brad one last happy 30th birthday! He turned 30 on the last day of our cruise. Adam and Rachel took us all out to a very nice restaraunt that I know was not cheap. (Thanks again guys) and my parents got him a nice gift card to amazon which he has been researching for 3 days now. I don't think he'll ever figure out what to buy for himself. We also did a list of 30 things we like about Brad. I, of course, forgot to make a list and had to think of things on the spot. But, he's such a great husband it wasn't hard to do it all.