Friday, June 11, 2010

Booked and booked!

The bad news? We are officially broke! After having just returned from a Med cruise and having just now booked 3 tickets to the USA in prime travel season, we are now drained.

The good news? We are coming home!
Miles and I will be arriving in Michigan on July 8th. I chose a different plane route this time. Instead of trying to fly for 17 hours with several legs, which is really more like a 24 hour day when you add up the times of arriving to the airport, driving to Pentwater, etc. (Not to mention planes will likely be late and luggage has higher chance of being lost with so many legs!). I opted to do a non-stop. I'll be driving to Frankfurt (2 hours) and taking a non-stop flight to Detroit (9 hours) and then driving to Pentwater (4 hours). This was the cheapest route, a grand total of a 17 hour day AND I only have to do 9 hours of it by myself. Not too shabby huh?

Last night we booked Brad's ticket. Ugh. His cost almost as much as Miles and I's combined. I am glad this is the last year we have to worry about trying to get home from Europe. The whole situation with him is tricky, infact I'll be nervous until he steps on that plane. Long story! Anyway, as of now his flight date is July 26th, but I have a big fat feeling we'll have to shell out again and have it changed. Fingers crossed!

We'll all be leaving on Aug 19th! Can't wait! I'm ready to get the flight over with now but have to wait 4 weeks!