Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going home?

So Brad and I have been seriously contemplating going home. I realize we sound like a ping pong ball and up until recently we were pretty dead set on staying here in Germany. So, what changed our minds?

Well for starters, Brad has been relieved of this crazy job and is a free man as of August 1st. We just learned this on Tuesday and this was the #1 thing originally holding us back from the start. I didn't want to do the flights by myself or spend 6 weeks without him.
What else? Well, our little cruise that we just disembarked from also changed my mind. Does it make me sound horrible if I say that I am a little "Europed out"? We had planned to save our summer money to travel more of Europe . But, when asked which would I rather do, travel more Europe or go to Michigan and lay on a beach or boat? I am opting for the beach/boat option. Brad and I counted last night and we've now visited 18 cities in 12 countries. We have a whole year left and all I can think about is this summer is going home. I think I need a little America. I also am not ready to ruin Miles perfect record of visiting MI every year of his life so far (including gestation!)
So, I'll keep you posted. It's not 100% but it's definitely looking more and more likely as the days go by.