Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dublin, Ireland

We're home from our UK cruise and had a wonderful time! Ireland is absolutly gorgeous and I really hope we can visit one day again. I have to say it was so refreshing being in a English speaking country, although Ireland's official language is Gaelic. Our first stop was in Dublin and if I had to describe Ireland in two words, I would say sheep and green.

One thing I was absolutely shocked to learn was that just 30 years ago, Ireland was a 3rd world country! They were so poor. It wasn't until they joined the European Union that they finally became a wealthy country. I guess Guinness and potatoes only get you so far!
Here are some pics from Dublin...

Ireland is known for it's Guiness which they make in Dublin. They export a billion gallons of Guiness a year. I've heard the beer is actually quite nasty but the tour we went on gave everyone a free drink. How bad was it that I ordered a diet coke instead? Haha. Brad and our friend Trent took the plunge and tried some. "Not bad," they said.
Even though everyone in Ireland speaks English, Gaelic is still the national language. I found it  interesting since I didn't hear a single person speak it there. Interesting though!
This is Brad and I on our balcony. We had the hardest time getting a decent picture of us so we just used the reflection. We saw so many dolphins on this cruise! It was so neat! We would be on our balcony sipping coffee and they would swim right beside us!

Ok, you can't go to Ireland and not see some riverdance. These dancers were everywhere! In the street and at restaurants. Very neat! I wish they would have taught us a few steps.


Letteers-R-Us said...

Totally awesome Katy! I would love to go there one day!!!

Suzi said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! What memories.