Saturday, May 16, 2009

Schloss solitude

Today we jogged over to castle Solitude which is really not a castle at all. It was built in the 1700's and was made for a place of quiet, reflection and solitude (hence the name). It's only about 10 kilometers from our house so we made a Saturday out of it and had a great time.
Miles LOVES to blow out the dandelions .
All gone!
Here's the outside of Schloss Solitude.
So, this is our attempt at a family photo. As you can see Miles is biting me. Our days of having a smily baby who loves to have his photo taken are over!

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you about our funny encounter. As we were walking through some of the trails we encountered a bunch of drunk German guys. One was all decked out-- he was carrying a fake baby to his chest and had on a pink cowboy hat and PAPER pants. He asked me to sign his pants! After a couple minutes we learned it was a bachelor party and they had all these goals like how many girls could he get to sign his pants, etc. They had stayed in the woods that night and were on their way home (at 4pm) still drunk as skunks. The Germans sure have funny traditions. They were very nice though and of course spoke some English. I am always impressed at how multi-lingual Europeans are.



Letteers-R-Us said...

Wow! So did you sign them then? :) Miles is such a cutie! He looked like he had a lot of fun.
BTW, did you guys seriously jog there??? I would be sooo worn out before I even hit the first mile!

Miles Makes 3! said...

Haha! We definitely didn't jog! That would be like 20 k total and in jeans! Yah, I did sign his pants. I was a good sport. :)