Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ireland part 2; Cork

One fact I learned about Cork is that the city used to be in water, much like Venice. As we drove around you could still see signs directing people to park their boats beside the house. They later on filled in many of the canals with roads, but there were still many canals left to see!

Here we are at the Blarney Castle where you get "luck" if you kiss the Blarney stone!

I made Brad go first. It was scary! You hang upside down and you can see the world below. I almost peed my pants!They say the Blarney stone is peed on every day. I don't know if I believe that but after looking at this photo I do see some stainage going on.
The view below.
So beautiful!

Irish doughnuts are my "favourite."
So, everywhere we went sold raincoats. It rains a lot! We learned the hard way by forgetting our umbrella. So, we splurged a little on an Irish raincoat for Miles WITH matching boots! Cute, huh?
I seem to be collecting pictures of myself in foreign telephone booths. So here's one for the UK! 


4 on the go said...

Love the pictures!!
It's the same way in Wales with the language but the further in you go the more they speak it, For example in Cardiff it's a mix bu in the Valley it's all the time.

Letteers-R-Us said...

How fun! So did you kiss the stone? And was it there where people peed on it??? The pictures are beautiful!

Rachel Baker said...

Love the raincoat. Can't wait to see every photo when you cross the pond and visit! I will help you with a photobook of all of your European travels!

Suzi said...

Memories you'll treasure forever, (well at least until you forget).
Wish we could all just fly over and join you guys on these adventures! Hey maybe I'll work,"Mr. Pinch" about that!