Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ein gutes neues Jahr

Ein gutes neues Jahr or should I say "A good new Year" to you all! As I sit here at 9:00 pm in my pajamas I can hear fireworks on either side of the house. I have become "that person" that wants the noise to stop because my baby is finally asleep. It sounds like a car has crashed into our building every 10 seconds. Funny how much your life can change in just 2 years. 

2 years ago I remember sitting outside enjoying a bonfire in Southern, CA, playing games with neighbors. We also had a 350 z parked in our driveway! Haha. Those carefree people are long gone now! It's worth it though. Miles is such a blessing and we thank God everyday for our sweet son.
We are also learning that Germans like to get drunk and be very loud in the streets as they are with any big occasion. I think they are crazy because it is like 10 degrees outside. Oh well, what can you do? Not like I can run outside and yell in German for them to cut it out.

This year has been insane for us, with a capital 'I'. For starters, Brad has been home for a whole year! That is like unheard of the Marine Corps. I am not complaining though! The beginning of the year we had just moved back to Southern, CA (for the 3rd time) and enjoyed 6 months there before our big overseas move. I can't believe we have spent the past 6 months living in Europe. We are 1/6 done with our tour here! (Maybe even shorter than that). We have learned SO much living here. Aside from being able to count to 10 in German and a few words here and there, we've learned so much about ourselves. I've learned there are some things I really took for granted about the States and like any country, there are somethings that America could definitely change. I'll spare you my opinion here. I guess I just want to say that now that the culture shock has worn off, we are really enjoying our time here. It will be interesting to see what we'll feel like next year. Perhaps ready to come home or perhaps wanting to buy a home here!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Years!