Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little this and that

Can you believe it's only 4 days til Christmas? I thought this day would never come! I don't even remember what gifts I bought because I wrapped them so long ago in excitement and anticipation. Our gifts actually have dust on them!
Speaking of Christmas, I learned a cool fact the other day! Did you know the Christmas tree orginated here in Germany and was first hung upside down? Kind of cool huh? Maybe you already knew that though. 

The past 2 weeks have been crazy for the Lowe's. For starters Brad hasn't had a day off since this whole mission kicked off (with the exception of 1 day where I had the flu). It feels like he is deployed again and it's really been bringing us both down. We communicate via messages written on the shower walls. Seriously! Some of the messages include:
"Don't forget lunch"
"Call if late"
"Pizza for dinner?"
Then there was a few days in there where we both had the stomach flu! It's been years since I've had that and I am so glad that bug only shows it's face twice a decade. I forgot how horrible the aches and fever felt like. Not to mention the "bleep" and the "bloop". (Someone may be eating while reading!) Thank goodness it was the 24 hour flu. Thank you and goodbye!
We're still not even sure if he is getting Christmas off. What a bummer! BUT the good news is that we are leaving for our cruise 2 weeks from today so if we can just hold on until then! 

So, being the single parent that I feel like. I have resorted to SpongeBob, my hero. He has saved the day so many times for Miles and I. This show is actually hilarious! There is so much adult humor packed into this cartoon for kids. Whenever the theme song comes on for it Miles starts wiggling his little shoulders and hangs on to the coffee table for the whole 30 minutes it's on. He is entranced with it. So, thank you Spongebob!


Anonymous said...

Writing on the shower walls? That's priceless!! Glad you recorded it here...

Second, you will make it. Just like you told me a couple weeks ago and I told you a couple months ago. We'll just keep giving each other the same advice in tandem...K? *heart, heart*

Lastly, I think this whole blogging thing is doing wonders for your spelling and vernacular. I like the "bleep" and "bloop". HA. Makes for a good read, so muchos kudos on the mechanics too...

Love you guys and CANT. WAIT. FOR. MI. (enjoy, enjoy your cruise!!!!)