Friday, December 12, 2008

Secrets and snow

Not alot has happened this past week in the Lowe household. Brad is on a "secret mission"at work which requires him to work long hours and weekends. It's times like this that make sharing a car so fun! Those BMW's are looking nicer by the minute!

I just wish I could know the secret. Nothing worse then when someone has a juicy one and can't let it spill. At least I'm not a wife to someone employed at area 51. That would really drive me bonkers. :)

 So here's what Miles and I have been up to.

More snow. I know. I am starting to wander if the next 4 months are all going to be about snow.

Snow man time! 
Miles helped me wrap some presents and put them under the tree.

He's doing this new thing where he pushes everything in the crib underneath him and sleeps. That brown thing is what's left of his teddy bear. Look at his little butt! He's my stinkbug! :)


Rachel Baker said...

Girl, I hope you have some snow boots.

Becki said...

That first picture is just PRECIOUS! Nothing better than a mommy and her boy :) Oh, and that snow is amazing.