Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SLOW week!

So it's definitely been the quiet before the storm this week. We've literally had nothing going on other than playdates and a ladies night for myself. Brad had 6 days off and was in so much pain from that medicine ball hitting his face last week.

It ended up getting infected and the inside of his mouth was this giant open abyss. It was pretty gross. So the poor guy was miserable and couldn't eat, drink or talk really. So we just stayed home and laid low for Daddy's sake. He's finally doing better but that only means it's time to go back to work.

My mom will be out here in less than a week! Yay!
We plan to do so much! It's nice to have someone from the family to come spend Thanksgiving with us. This year is the first year my whole family lives in the same city (that is like unheard of in the Baker family) and of course I have to live across the world (which I guess means we still don't all live in the same city.) It makes me sad and I wish so bad I could be there to be with them, but having my mom out here makes me feel so much better. It's also nice to have such great friends here too. That's one of many things I love and cherish about the military community. We all take care of each other and it's as though we are family!

So you might find this video interesting. Miles has learned a new word and loves to execute that word constantly. Can you guess what this word is?


Becki said...

oh my gosh that video is hilarious. I'm sure it's not so much for you :) I'm also sure it won't be long before I'm right there w/ ya.

The Letteer Family said...

Cute video and poor Brad!!! I'm glad your mom is able to come and be with you guys! Lucky you! :)

Suzi said...'s onlt BEGINNING!!!Ha ha ha ha ha