Monday, November 9, 2009

Poor Brad!

So what a weekend for Brad! Brad likes to do this workout that they used to train the men from the movie 300. I think it is now safe to say this workout is doing him more than he is doing it. See pic below:

The workout includes throwing a 20 pound medicine ball to the wall, catching it, squatting, and throwing it back to the wall. Over and over and over. Well something went wrong yesterday with one of his throws. The ball hit a lip or ledge in the wall and instead of falling back to the ground, it show straight out and hit his face.
Not only was the poor guy's head swollen to all get-out but we had family pictures scheduled the very next morning! (Today)
Needless to say, we did not go get our picture taken because Brad would have looked like this:

This picture actually makes him look good! I took it a couple hours ago. Thankfully the swelling has gone down a little today. I guess his tooth punctured his inner lip pretty bad and his face is pretty bruised up. Poor guy has a pounding headache that hasn't gone away since the event. I guess things could have been worse!


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awww..poor guy!! But I couldn't help but get a little laugh out of it!!