Sunday, September 7, 2008

The new place

I can't ever seem to upload pictures in the correct order. Oh well! Here is our new place! Almost all moved in. In record timing I must add!

Kitchen. Very brown!
Few different views of the living room.

Dining area.
Back to the kitchen. Our oven is TINY! Or should I say tiny.  I don' t know if the Cheerios  box gives it any perspective but we had to store half of our cook wear because it didn't fit. We are already scoping out friends houses to do Thanksgiving at cause there is no turkey that is fitting in there! Haha.
Our 1 of 2 re-fridge's. We had to borrow one from the Army. This is the German fridge and it is also tiny and has no freezer! Imagine that. Apparently they go shopping everyday for fresh meat. Kind of a neat idea but isn't happening at the Lowe's! So we made it our drink fridge.
Our fun balcony.
Miles room. Was holding Miles and trying to take the pics! These are all the pics without a baby hand in the way. :)

Guest bedroom.  One day we will upgrade from air mattresses!
One of the bathrooms. Loving the 2 sinks!
We have a shower and a tub. Right next to each other. Interesting.
Please excuse the unmade bed. It's been a long week. Here's our room.
The German homes have no closets! Thank goodness there is a German IKEA down the road. 


Anonymous said...

Love your new home, and I know you are so happy to finally begin getting totally settled.
Thanks for sharing.

Rachel Baker said...

Very interesting! Why no closets? And there is much tile. But it looks very the windows and the balcony! Can't wait to visit!

Anonymous said...

so excited for you! the place looks great! glad you can finally settle in! hope ur having a great time with your parents! :0)