Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Black Forest

Today we visited the Black Forest which is one of Germany's most popular tourist sites. It's known for it's thick woods, Black Forest cake, cuckoo-clocks, and most of all culture! It was beautiful! There was a giant waterfall (Germany's largest) which we could hear but unable to visit due to the rain (and a baby). I had heard that it was called "The Back Forest" because the woods were so thick that it was pitch black underneath. I can finally say it's true. It was interesting because the branches did not grow below the tops of the trees due to no sunlight.

One of the cute little cities that surround the black forest. 

Black Forest cake! So yummy!

We are having our cake and eating it too!

Some of the forest in the background.

More forest.

House of a 1000 clocks. Shopping for a cuckoo clock.

We found one! Our new cuckoo clock!

A cuckoo clock bed.

Posing by the giant cuckoo clock with our own clock in tow.


Kathlyn said...

I am jealous! That is beautiful!

Rachel Baker said...

This looks awesome. Can't wait to come and visit. You guys are going to have to get used to doing all of the same things over and over with different visiting guests!