Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dachau concentration camp

Today we had the most humbling experience of visiting Dachau concentration camp. I don't think any word or picture could express what you feel when you visit this place. It was just awful what happened to these people. 
"May the example of those who were extermenated here between 1933-1945 because they resisted Nazism help to unite the living for the defense of peace and freedom and in respect for their fellow man"

Inside the camp behind the bars.

Example of the prisoners barracks.

Platforms of where the old barracks used to stand.

Original watch tower so no prisoner escaped. The sign said some people ran towards the fence anyway just to end their misery.

Tiny beds in which prisoners slept.

Inside the gas chamber. Meant to hold 150 people in this room. You can see where the fake "showers" are on the ceiling.

Where the poisonous gas came out.

Where the bodies were cremated. 3 bodies at a time in each hole.

More cementation. They couldn't burn the bodies quick enough because they were killing THAT many people a day. They had a "holding room" for corpses.

This is what the outside of the gas chamber looked like. Made to look like a nice place you go and take a shower at. They had no idea.

The ring leaders. Hitler is 6th from the left although a piece of his face has been scratched.

Jewish memorial at the site.

 I couldn't stop stop staring at this. Just so sad.

A picture of the Jews happily greeting the Americans.

What it looked like then. You can see the newly planted trees.

And now...  This is taken from the opposite side. Grown trees.

We joined our friends Adam and Emma and their 2 boys and Brad, Miles and me. Great company!

The original wall they faced before their execution. There is even a blood ditch. (See next photo).


Kathlyn said...

I can't imagine what it would be like to experience this first hand. I am glad they have places like this so that we never forget what happened. It is too easy to get caught up in our own lives or things like this stupid election and forget about some of the most important things in life. Thanks for sharing with us!

Kathlyn said...

P.S. Would you mind if I linked my page to your post so the people who read my blog can see this?

Rachel Baker said...

Very moving. Reminds me of our trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, though we mostly saw photographs of what you saw first hand. I remember being very hungry when we got to the museum, and then I don't think I ate the rest of the day. The reality of what you see just kind of does that to you. I'm so glad you guys are getting to see so much history.