Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's new.

We've finally adjusted to life back in Germany. Here is what we're up to these days.

5. Miles is now fully potty-trained. This is so nice and stressful all at the same time. It's great when we are home because I change no diapers anymore. Stressful when we're out because you have to pay to use the bathrooms in Europe. This can be difficult when Miles is not sure if he has to go or I KNOW he has to go and he won't admit it and we have limited change. Bathrooms are also few and far between. What to Germans do with little kids?? Oh that's right, they don't pro-create here.

4. School has started (for us). Brad is taking 2 full-time condensed classes and me part-time. Although my class feels like full time. I'm taking a math class (something I haven't taken and actually passed since highschool). However, I'm learning that math is actually kinda of fun if you take time to understand it. This is something I couldn't fathom my freshman year of college (with an old boyfriend sitting next to me.) That's probably why I flunked that one.

3. No German kindergarten for Miles. I'll probably kick myself for this 10 years down the road, but frankly I'm just not comfortable dropping him off in a foreign environment where I can't even communicate with the teacher if I needed to. The German's approach towards kids is just too much for me to swallow. (That's a whole other post). I've just heard one too many horror stories from my friends who have put their children in kindergarten. So instead...

2. I joined MOPS and enrolled Miles in gymnastics and kindermusik. That's 3 programs a week. We also still have our bi-monthly playgroup. That should be enough to help us survive our winter...right?

1. We booked a trip to London, England! We've been to London once for a total of 7 hours and saw the city through a speeding bus. Most of my pictures are of me and my camera reflecting off the bus window. It's really been the only place that I've been dying to see since before moving here! My aunt and uncle might be joining us as well so it will be a great time! We're going October 8-11. Crossing our fingers for no rain!


Rachel Baker said...

London sounds'll love it that they speak English (sort of). Congrats on the potty training. I'm not surprised that he caught on quick. Smart boy!