Monday, September 27, 2010

What a DAY...

for the Baker family that is...
Uncle Hyatt and Aunt Jeanne arrived in Stuttgart via train at about 11:15 this morning. They had been traveling for about 30 hours. We had totally expected them to go home and take naps, so Brad and I planned to get out of the house and let them sleep.
What did they want to do? Go to VOLKSFEST!
Here are some pics from today in random order. Let me say it's great having uncle Hyatt around. He is just as obsessed as taking pictures as I am and it's so fun to share when the day is done! :)

Here they are on hour 31 at the Stuttgart Haptbahnhof. Still going strong!

This was at the end of the evening, hour ??. We fed them dinner and they didn't last much longer with those full bellies.

This is Miles future Halloween costume. Aunt Jeanne found this wonderful get-up for us. It's a dino you can ride. Miles loves it.

Back tracking- here we are at the Fest. Miles and Brad are in a fun house. When it was over Brad said it was the weirdest thing he'd ever experienced.

We are eating lunch in a traditional fest tent. Uncle Hyatt accidently ordered a beer. How do you manage to do that in Germany? (the biggest beer drinking country in the world?) So, I exchanged my diet coke with him and took one for the team. I had about 4 sips and was done. Do you see how huge those things are?

This slide was insane!

Pretzel venders everywhere! Behind is one of the many giant tents. They put those tents up just for the 3 week fest and then tear it down.

Today was "Soldier Day" at the fest. This is where all the soldiers from around the world go into 1 tent and celebrate together. Brad's work happened to be invited to this and we walked by and peeked in and they were standing on the tables singing YMCA. Our guys had also started switching uniforms with the Germans. Hmm...


Suzi said...

Love the dino costume!!! What fun you guys are having!!Take lots of pics for us.