Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's that time of year again

I thought someone out there may be interested in what our annual house bill looks like. The way they do things out here is very confusing, then add the language barrier and we're just at a complete loss. We got this in the mail a couple days ago stating we owe 1,600 Euros. We also pay 150 Euro every month towards this same bill in hopes to bring down the cost. It is incredibly expensive to live out here!
One of things I find funny is how they charge us for water coming in AND the same water going out. So, basically you pay to run your sink... and then you pay for the water to go down the drain. Or pay to fill your toilet with water, then pay to flush that same water. There's all kinds of things like that. Once upon a time Germans were taxed for how many windows they had in their house! Anyway... if you're curious, just click on the picture above to make it bigger. This was just the first page!


Crystal Turner said...

WTF? WOW...I didn't even know WHERE to begin to try to understand that! :D