Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy busy!

Is it just me...or is May the busiest month of the year for everyone?

I find myself lost in to-do lists. However, I am excited to see that our summer is wide open!
Some of things we have going on are school (BIG time eater here). Both Brad and I are wrapping up this week which calls for final exams, papers, discussion boards, etc.
Now that I think about it, Brad has successfully made it through a semester taking FULL time classes and working full time as well. He is Super Dad/Student/Husband/Marine wrapped up in one.

Spring cleaning is another one. Our house (and car) is a wreck! Everything needs to be cleaned, dusted, bleached and aired out. Since we have no central air, it's disgusting in here. You can't really open your windows in the winter thus, mold grows like wildfire. This reminds me I need to do the big switch from winter clothes to summer clothes. Unfortunately, it has been freezing here! Like 40 degrees freezing. I think this week was the end of it though.
In addition to cleaning, I've been selling all our old crap on (LOVE this site). While selling everything is great, it's super annoying b/c I have to make constant runs to post to drop the sold items off.

I've been trying to keep up with Miles playdates, as well our social life... although these are fun for me too. I'm hosting playgroup at my house in the morning, which reminds me I need to run to the store to get snacks. It's a sad time of year because half our friends are PCSing back to the States this summer. I hate saying goodbye! The one thing I've always held onto when moving is "oh we'll be stationed together again one day." The sad part about here is it's a rare joint command (meaning all 4 branches working together) and I'm afraid I'm the only Marine wife I really know! Marines have their own bases with the occasional Sailor wondering around. So, I'm afraid most of these goodbye's are forever.... or for a very long time.

We're doing some traveling at the end of the month! Very excited about this! I've had to keep it quiet because my brother (and family) are not telling their kids until the last minute, for very good reasons I should add.
We're kicking the adventure off with my parents. They arrive in less than 2 weeks. We've booked some wood cabins in Edelweiss that have NO shower and NO bathroom. This is going to be interesting, but what the heck, we're in the Swiss/Austrian Alps so I guess we can't complain. After that, we're meeting with my brother and his family in Spain and we're going on a cruise to the Western Mediterranean. We'll get to see Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Naples, Rome, Florence and Palma. It's all very exciting. We didn't come to Germany to sit on the US bases, that's for sure, and I'm so happy my family is coming along for the ride this time.
That's about it for now!