Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bike rides

I've been dying to do some family bike rides since we've moved here and yesterday we found some free bikes! We went straight to the store and got Miles a seat and helmet and took off to explore Degerloch (the town we live in).
I can't believe how gorgeous this place is. I LOVE living here (in the Spring and Summer of course). The towns are so quaint and cute. Women are hanging their clothes out on lines, you can smell the German lunches being prepared. We even passed by a miniature farm where a man was singing while hand-milking his cows. And to think all this is right by our house.
I'm really excited because my parents are coming here in a few weeks and I'm so excited to take them on bike rides that are off the beaten path so they can see the "country" side of Germany.

We're taking off from our apartment. Somehow I get stuck lugging our 36 pound toddler around. I posted on my facebook that I'm going to have "Hulk Hugan" thighs by the time summer is over.
One of the first trails we discovered. The building in the back is the hotel we stayed at when we first moved here.
Here are the cows I was talking about. They are bucked right up against his house. I can't help but wonder if he wakes up to 'mooing'.
We love bike rides!
The last leg of the ride I had to beg Brad to switch with me. Then he had the gall to claim his thighs hurt. You think babe?? :)


Rachel Baker said...

Do my eyes deceive me...or are you wearing shorts & a t-shirt....and a smile??? Yay for spring! That looks like a lot of fun.