Thursday, April 8, 2010

200th post!

As I was getting ready to blog I noticed this was my 200th post! Now, it makes me think...what in the world did I talk about for 200 posts? Hope I didn't bore you to death and you've found this blog somewhat interesting.

So, just a little update on Miles. I took him to the Dr. 2 days ago because it had been 4 days of a high fever and hardly any food/drink intake. Dr.McDreamy (what us married, but 'can't help noticing his rugged good looks' gals call him) took a look at Miles and couldn't figure it out. I don't know if it was because he's young and new to practicing, or what, but he thought it was just a cold gone hay-wire and we went home with antibiotics (which we could not get Miles to take) and that was that. Fast-forward to today and Miles is completely lethargic, looks like death and coughing up all kinds of stuff, still no drinking, still no eating.
We took him back, this time to Dr.waytoomuchcologne and right away he could tell Miles has both pneumonia and bronchitis. He has also lost 6 pounds! My poor baby is SO SO sick. We are to watch him the next 24 hours and if he's still not eating and drinking or responding to the new antibiotics then we are to take him to the hospital tomorrow morning to be hooked up to an IV.
These past 6 days have completely sucked the life out of me (and literally to Miles). I have been so overcome with worry, anxiety, sleep deprivation that I haven't been able to think, or do school, or even eat myself. I just couldn't bare watching him skip meal after meal, watch him cry w/out tears because he's so dehydrated, and change dry diapers. Ugh! A mother's love for her child is so strong! I just really hope he kicks this soon. It's so scary watching your child become so ill. I'll try and keep you updated if you've read this far and care to hear more! Please pray for Miles though. He is in need for a speedy recovery.


The Letteer Family said...

That is so soo sad! I hope and pray that he gets better very soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I have and will continue to pray for him. My heart goes out to him and both of you. I know you just hurt so much for him.
Please keep us posted. DOM