Saturday, February 13, 2010

Summer plans

I'm taking the time on here to "vent" about my giant question mark for summer plans. Brad and I, for the life of us, can not decide whether or not to go home this summer. One day, it's a YES, Michigan is worth any price because you can't put a price tag on memories w/family. Other days, it's a NO, too much money, don't want to deal with the jet lag, Brad won't be able to come very long, etc.

I'm going to use this blog to make a list of pros/cons about going home. Maybe the brainstorming and suggestions can help.

-Trip for Miles and I would be about 5 weeks long which is somewhat worth the money
-Get to see family
-Get to be in the USA! Many things fall under this category. But it's nice to "re-stock" and get some American items, nice to go out to eat (Have I mentioned I've cooked almost every single night since we were last in the USA?), ENGLISH bookstores, children's museums, fun American stuff for Miles to do. The list goes on and on!
-Go to Pentwater which is a tiny paradise hardly touched by time. Miles has not missed a year yet. I haven't missed a year since.... I can't remember the last time.
-We all had a blast last year.

-The 14 hours of traveling by myself brings me to near insanity.
-The jet lag. Last year, Miles was horribly jet-lagged for 10 days. There were times we were starting our day at 3am. As most of you know, I DO NOT handle sleep deprivation well. I know I can get myself on a schedule quick... but Miles is a whole other story.
-Brad could only come for 10 days (if that) so I will essentially be a single parent for 4 weeks. No guarantee we can even coordinate our flights back together. Not necessarily worth the price for him coming. Infact his ticket is $500 more than mine!
-It's just EXPENSIVE! We are talking $3000 to fly home. We are giving up a lot of potential traveling here in Europe.
- This is not a con by any means but a lot of our family is coming out here in June. I would be hopping on a flight 2 weeks later to in turn to go see them. This is not a bad thing...but definitely doesn't help w/the decision process. I don't have the worry of potentially not seeing them this year.

I can easily talk myself into going. Then I can talk myself right out of it. We are torn 50-50 down the middle. I just don't know what to do! If yes, would like to lock some plane tickets in soon since they are relatively cheap for Miles and I right now... To go or not to go? That is the question. ::sigh::