Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Funky February

So, I'll be honest. February has got me in a funk. It's this time of year that I REALLY start to miss home. Cold, icy weather mixed with cold, icy Germans can really bring the American down. I wish I wasn't so intimidated by the language barrier and culture or I would have Miles enrolled in some classes in our little town. Things are just so different here. People never seem to even smile! Maybe they are down about the weather too. What a difference between here and Italy. This time next year we have to go somewhere to avoid this Feb Funk. Just have to. In the meantime, I will work on my mood. I promise. It was actually 40 degrees the other day and it felt AMAZING! Thank goodness February is a short month. Roll on March! I welcome Spring with wide open arms.

Brad and I are about half way through this Philosophy class. Have you ever taken Philosophy before? It's ridiculous some of theories we have to memorize. Right now we're studying epistemology and one of theories is called the 'Evil Demon Hypothesis'. It basically means our brains are in this container somewhere (kind of like the movie, The Matrix) and an evil demon is controlling our lives. Hmmm... ok. Really hard to take this class seriously! Not to mention having to write a paper when the underlying theme is "no one really knows anything."
But, like I said... we're halfway through!

We started hitting the gym again. I forgot how GOOD that feels. I love to push myself until my muscles are burning or to run just 1/2 mile farther than last time.

Miles is working on his A, B, C's and doing great. He knows 8 letters on paper. I love how he says 'W'. He calls it "da da da do." I will try and get a video of it! I've been showing him pictures of family back home. I'm so surprised he can remember so many people! We sure miss all you guys!