Friday, July 24, 2009

Only a week left?

This month has flown by SO fast!! I am so sad it's almost over. We've had such a blast! Here is more of what we've been up to.
My parents, brothers and their wives, nieces, nephews and Brad, Miles and me. We had a family beach bonfire and had hotdogs and smores. Fun!
Miles and ALL 6 of his cousins.
More beach days. Miles loves to wrap up in the towel to stay warm when he's done playing.
Tubing-tubing tubing! When I'm not recovering from the carsickness of tubing then we are back to tubing. So much fun! This is my sister-n-law Rachel and I. Let me say Brad has flipped many times on this thing. No one wants to ride with him anymore.
Miles and my nephew Kessler in Lake Michigan.
My brother Adam and I dueling it out in Nertz. It's a toss up. We both rock. :)
Smores again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So our friends Jess and Steve left today. I am so sad! But we had some great times and we'll hopefully be seeing them in the Spring to give the grand tour of Germany. Here is the last of our great times in MI.

In 3 days we have a huge load of family coming in. Almost 30 people!

You don't want to know what they're standing on. Definitely a "Fritz invention".

Not sailing on my Dad's sail boat.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friends are here!

I am so happy to have my oldest best friend Jessica and her guy Steven. Jess and I went to high school together and were also college roommates. I haven't seen her in 3 years so it is the icing on my cake to have her here. We've been playing endless volleyball and cards--just like old times!

Here we are visiting Pentwater's Marina. There are some gorgeous yachts on there. We can only dream. We tried to be friendly to some owner's so they'd let us peak but no luck. I don't blame them.
The beach right by our house.
Headed to the beach looking like a bunch of kids.

Brad running into Lake Michigan. It's freezing! Michigan is so far North that the lake hardley ever warms up. You don't want to hear the jokes they were making afterwards. Stuff about things down under gone missing....
Steve's turn.

We're here! Enjoying Michigan

First things first-projects! Brad, Mom and Dad getting the dock started. Brad lost my Dad's crocks in the "muck."
Miles and I feeding some fish on my grandparents dock.
This is the outlet that connects to Lake Michigan. Daddy and Miles are having a blast. Miles LOVES water.

Miles and Grandma having some sand fun.
Our first grocery run in the MINI. We look like a stuffed sardine.

Road trip!

Last Tuesday we drove from Memphis, TN to Pentwater, MI. It was a looong 14 hour drive but it sure beat the plane ride here having that nice motor home. Here are some pics.

Miles DVD player was a lifesaver.
We took about 4 naps. It's hard to resist with that bump road.

My dad definitely took advantage of Brad's offering to drive. He drove almost half the way!

We played UNO. Lots and lots of UNO.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Loving us some good ol' Memphis

We are having so much fun in Memphis, TN! It's so good to see family and do some shopping and EATING! We aren't so thrilled with Miles new sleeping habits. He's decided to start his day at 4:30-5am here and it's just not flying for us. I'm so glad Brad has arrived so we can tackle this problem together. Last night he woke up almost every hour! No thank you!
Here are some pics so far.

Here is Miles and some of his cousins. They LOVE him. They are so excited to see him and have a new playmate.
This is from the firecracker 5k. Brad had literally just stepped off a 15 hour flight and walked it with me. What a trooper. Miles wasn't having this pic but if he was then you could see our matching shirts!
Mom pushed him most of the way. Thanks mom!

This is from the children's museum that my Sis-n-law took us to. Miles and his cousin Wilson are having some shopping fun. Ok boys!
Feeding some ducks and geese at Shelby Farms.

My brother and sis-n-law's pool. Miles loved floating around with his Aunt Rachel! Just a couple days until we are off to Michigan! So excited!