Friday, July 24, 2009

Only a week left?

This month has flown by SO fast!! I am so sad it's almost over. We've had such a blast! Here is more of what we've been up to.
My parents, brothers and their wives, nieces, nephews and Brad, Miles and me. We had a family beach bonfire and had hotdogs and smores. Fun!
Miles and ALL 6 of his cousins.
More beach days. Miles loves to wrap up in the towel to stay warm when he's done playing.
Tubing-tubing tubing! When I'm not recovering from the carsickness of tubing then we are back to tubing. So much fun! This is my sister-n-law Rachel and I. Let me say Brad has flipped many times on this thing. No one wants to ride with him anymore.
Miles and my nephew Kessler in Lake Michigan.
My brother Adam and I dueling it out in Nertz. It's a toss up. We both rock. :)
Smores again.


The Letteer Family said...

I'm glad you're having so much fun! I hope this week doesn't go too fast for you. :) I'm sure you're really going to miss it! Your next trip will come soon enough though I'm sure. :)