Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy birthday my sweet baby Miles!

One year ago today I was taken to Women's Baptist Memorial hospital in Memphis, TN for a scheduled induction. We arrived at 8:00pm that night and they immediately had me change into the birthing outfit and hooked me up to all sorts of monitors. Being hooked up to all that stuff and not having my husband by my side was one of the scariest things I've ever gone through! Luckily, my mom stepped up and stayed the whole time with me.
The next morning at 4:00am they started me on Pitocin and the fun began there! 16 hours later, Miles came into the world! He was so precious and I couldn't believe that he was the little one kicking inside of me all that time! His Daddy, Brad, was able to be on the phone and coach me through the whole thing! I even heard him cry when Miles let out his first cry! Grandma Baker and Aunt Rachel were also coaching me and able to welcome sweet baby Miles into the world.
Now, it's been a whole year and all I can say is where did the time go?!?


The Wingfield's said...

Katie that was wonderful, u did a great job on the show!!
Happy Birthday Miles!!!

Anonymous said...

you know kate, i think you've changed in those pictures as much as he has! From an apprehensive and fledgling young mother into a confident mother. Kudos! Do enjoy every moment and every stage. It only speeds up!

Becki said...

Oh Katy...that was the sweetest thing! I cried through the whole thing- these hormones sheeesh!! Miles is such a handsome one year old!

Suzi said...

WOW a whole year has gone by!!!! Alot of memories in this one year and thousands more to come in the future! You really enjoy motherhood and take wonderful care of Lumpy!
Happy Birthday MIles!!!
Grandma and Pock