Thursday, November 11, 2010

The book of funny

When I was in MOPS last week, I learned of a great idea and thought I would share. A speaker brought in an old ratty journal and on the front it was called "The Book of Funny." This mother of 3 has been writing down everything that has made her laugh for the past 15 years. Everything from her friends, to family, to work. It's so true that the chaos of life can just totally consume you and you forget all the small and hilarious things of life. Kids say and do so many funny things. Miles has me cracking up all the time but it's crazy how many times I find myself trying to remember what it was. I forget in a matter of days! So, we started our own 'Book of Funny' and I have 2 entries so far.

The first is Miles. Whenever we change him for bed he points to his nipples and calls them "minkles." It makes me smile every time because I have no idea where he learned this. He is so excited to see his minkles and he even has to count them.

The second took place at the pool today between friends.
Me: Dawn, why don't you not wear contacts next time we come and we can do the huge slide?
Dawn: You don't understand I am legally blind without them! I'm so thankful I wasn't born in the Bible times or the 1800's because I would be a beggar on the street.
Brad: Yah, because the Bible was written in the 1800's.
Me: You mean you are like LEGALLY legally blind??
Brad: It doesn't make it any more legally if you add a second legally.
Dawn: Katy, I would need one of those canes.
Aaron (Dawn's husband): You should see her in the morning with the alarm clock. She holds it this close to see the time. (He holds it an inch from his eyeball while squinting).


Rachel Baker said...

I think Adam is legally legally blind without his glasses. :)

The Letteer Family said...

Those are funny, and I think that's a great idea!