Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miles!

Today Miles is the big 3! Wow, time has really flown. We celebrated on Thursday night with Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Hyatt since we knew we would be in London for the weekend. Today, we took him to Hamley's (famous toy store in London) and this evening we're taking him on the eye. He's so excited to ride it, although it's not much of a ride.
On Thursday night we had a nice dinner, a delicious cake, and opened lots of presents. Here's some pics from Thursday.

Miles "jungle" cake

He was so pumped to eat his cake.

I asked him to show me his teeth. He looks like a crazy man!
He was even more excited to open presents. It was a good birthday for this 3 year old.


Suzi said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miles!!! Have fun with all your toys!! Love you, Meemaw and Pock

Rachel Baker said...

Wow...3 years old! Happy Birthday to "Baby" Miles...not so much the baby anymore! Looks like your trip was great...wasn't it nice visiting a place where you could understand the language (sort of)?

The Letteer Family said...

Happy Birthday to Miles!! Cute cake!