Friday, July 2, 2010

2 years...

Last week we officially hit our 2 year mark here in Germany. It's so crazy to think we're almost done here! These next 12 months are going to FLY by. After we get back from Michigan we will have 10 months or less left here. Then my Uncle Hyatt and Aunt Jeanie are coming out shortly after that. When they leave in November is when we will find out WHERE and WHEN we are going next. Brad and I still can't make up our minds on where we should shoot for. Although, sometimes it doesn't even matter because the Marine Corps will always meet the Marine Corp's needs first. The only place I absolutely do not want is Japan. But, we are kicking around the idea of a few places... California, Hawaii and North Carolina...maybe Virgina?
After this we roll into the holiday season. That always seems to go by quickly just to spit us out into the long, dreadful, cold winter. I think this winter will be the least painful of them all because a) we will be counting down the days until we move... and it will literally only be days and b) we're kicking around the idea of taking a cruise to somewhere nice and warm. We'll call it a goodbye cruise. Canary Island anyone? :) But, that's just how you have to think around here to keep the spirits up because otherwise you will die of winter depression. Not really die, but you catch the drift.

On a side note, Happy 4th of July! I found out recently the Germans also celebrate the 4th. They have fireworks, hotdogs, hamburgers, face painting...all that good stuff. They do it to support American-German unity. Isn't that nice?
Hope everyone has a great long weekend!


The Letteer Family said...

WOW, 2 years! AWESOME!!! You are so right, the winters here can be very dreary. I think I nice warm place to visit would be just the thing! :) I'm glad we've gotten to know you guys...somewhat anyways. :) Later!

Laurel said...

My friend is married to a Marine. They're in Pensacola currently, but would give anything to go back to Pendleton. She put Japan on the bottom of her list, too. I hope they tour Hawaii at least once so I can visit! :)