Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another weekend

Thought I'd share another weekend.
Actually I was just trying to learn more about my camera the past couple days which resulted in... a lot of pics!

This is our dining room. Every Sat or Sun night we host game night with some friends (our old bowling league actually). Usually it's a little poker, Settlers of Catan, Apples to Apples. Fun stuff except when you have to sit on the floor. :)

Tree climbing!

This is downtown Stuttgart. We like to take the train down here on Sunday's so Brad can get his Starbucks and then lay in the grass. You should hear him order. When it comes to his starbucks....he's fluent German!
You'd think we'd have this mastered (ordering tickets for the train). The one time Brad tried something new we get stopped and of course we did something wrong. They let us go. Normally it's a 40 Euro fine.

Miles does so great on the train. He has his own little train that keeps him happy.

When we went back to the States we took Miles up the escalator at the mall and got so many looks. Oops! It's very common here. This little escalator is right outside our house. You just ride up to the top and we are to the left!


Suzi said...

Oh looks like alot of German fun!!